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Logistics & Brokering

Before 2009 when Universal Freight starting operating or own in-house trucks we had great success as a 3rd Party Logistic company that focused on finding outside trucking solutions for our customers who ship mobile equipment.

The long haul trucking industry is a very dynamic business with availability and pricing sometimes changing hourly. Today Universal Freight is very proud to have the ability to offer its customers an in house trucking solution or a 3rd party solution, whichever option works the best for the customers budget and timing.

When taking advantage of a Universal Freight 3rd party solution, the same WCB, Liability and Cargo ($750,000.00) insurance applies. All Partnered Carriers must meet or exceed Universal Freight’s carrier qualifications in regards to Safety, NSC and WCB compliance and ratings. In addition we keep close record of delivery service ratings to ensure we have the best and most qualified people moving your machines.

If you have any questions regarding our brokering and logistics services please call us at 1-866-489-7942 or see our “Common Questions: Logistics and 3PL Services” tab.